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Nas Declares 'Hip Hop Is Dead'


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Well there's 12 million people who bought his albums so somebody's liking Nas at one point or another, it's just like when people say JJFP are wack or FP fell off since he don't do albums with Jazzy anymore, there's somebody out there that like FP at one point or another if millions bought his albums, they say the same thing about Snoop and LL about how they ain't as dope as they came out but if they fell off so much there wouldn't be anybody buying their albums anymore, you have to be doing something right to have fans buying albums for years, a lot of rappers come and go but they've remained and people stay interested in them, I don't think there's a rapper out there that has done everything in their careers that everybody likes, if you could just do something that everybody likes and remembers then that's what makes you great, and as for "Illmatic" there's not many if not any rappers in the last 12 years since that came out that've done albums better than that, it ain't like everybody's making groundbreaking albums and he's making wack albums, in fact if you compare 99% of the albums(exception of course to the albums from the few dope mcs left like LL, KRS, and FP) in the last 12 years to "Illmatic" you could say hip-hop is dead, basically FP's saying the same thing on the "Lost and Found" song... btw, Nas explains more about the album title on MTV.com:

According to a new MTV report, the emcee's new album will boldly be titled "Hip-Hop Is Dead...The N."

"I didn't name it that. Fans named it that; rappers named it that," he said of the album title.

He's right. It's certainly not the first time people have declared Hip-Hop to be dead or at least a culture that is ready for a new life.

"It's been the talk for years, so here's an album that brings ... not even the rebirth, it's just an album with that thing that everybody is talking about. I got a street look coming real soon, and more soon after. Summertime is definitely going to be Nas time," he promised.

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