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Well, My mum and dad don't mind me listening to hip hop at all, my dad tries to make fun of it, boppin is head up n down and sayin "yea" every so often, but when I was listening to Twista's new album, he couldnt complain because he didn't understand a thing that he was saying :lolsign:

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I feel bad for you Bart, your parents are tough on you. It's great that they've changed cause It Takes A Nation Of Millions isn't worthy of a PA sticker at all. Hardly any curse words, and the lyrics/themes are controversial yet not offensive unless you're the US government and you listen to the album. You should show them some other "commercial" songs, then they'd be glad that you've chosen a more respectable style of music.

I guess I'm lucky; my mom doesn't really censor my music. I usually listen to it with the volume turned up, so I guess she kind of knows what I'm listening to. I think it's a matter of trust, if your parents know you're responsible and not dimwitted enough to get totally sucked into the stories in music, then they'll let you listen freely. :wiggle:

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I found this article which relates to this topic, if the older generation read what Rakim says here I think they'd see that there are rappers that care:

Rakim Speaks Out On The Rap Game

Wednesday - May 10, 2006


Former Aftermath artist and the game’s resident God emcee, Rakim recently had some harsh words for today’s crop of studio gangsters. In an article appearing on Davey D’s website, Ra chastises younger emcees for glorifying violence on wax.

“I never sold drugs or nothing. but coming up in the hood I knew the code of the streets. I was in the hood since a young kid, man. And I was very observant. I watched how everybody did they thing. It wasn’t cool to talk about what went on on the block. Especially on a record.”

If you’re not up on the legend, don’t think he’s gone soft. Rakim believes in keeping it real, but also believes that emcees owe the youth more hustling and other negative behavior.

“I had people that was close to me that was doing what they do. I respect for doing what he got to do, I’ll let him know if it ain’t good, but still I respect that man he got to get his food. I got people that’s close to me was doing real things in the streets. For me to get on the mic and start talking about certain things.. It’s like three-dimensional right now, every time somebody get on the mic and mention some crime, you got 5-0 knocking at the door or tapping the phone or investigating this crew or this crew.”

“So I kinda seen it early. I didn’t want to extort the streets. I didn’t want to extort the hood, my dudes, or hip-hop. So I try to just keep it real, but at the same time it is a limitation. A lot of people today respect me for that, cause they call it, I didn’t give up the street codes. I respect what hey do, but leave that over there and I used to just try to find words that sound good, man. See if I can move the crowd that way.”

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Shame dude, Your nearly 17 so you should get to listen to what you want. Although it is important to respect your parents wishes i guess your father just takes Hip-Hop for granted as a bad thing

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Shame dude, Your nearly 17 so you should get to listen to what you want. Although it is important to respect your parents wishes i guess your father just takes Hip-Hop for granted as a bad thing

Yeah I know. I should be able to make my own judgement and decisions on my own music. But I can see where they are coming from cause I know that they don't want me to fall into the trap of listening to trashy music. I already have heard that kinda stuff, and I don't like it at all. One thing that kinda bummed me out was when I was at Best Buy the other day, looking through the hip hop section, I saw that Midnight Marauders by ATCQ had a sticker on it. I just recently started listening to ATCQ and I really like their music, but I probably will have to wait until I'm older to pickup that album. I did end up buying these albums though:

The Low End Theory - ATCQ

Strictly Bussiness - EPMD

Radio - LL Cool J

I have been listening to those a lot since then and they are dope.

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