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well I will be the pesemistic member in this thread... you have to hear the other side.

I think it's pretty boring to put the same the same songs over and over in diffrent version.

yes, this is exiting, i'm not less exited then you guys, but I want exclusives, new, hype regruping, new style, I have thouse tracks and this is the 3rd complication CD that they are doing in the last 11 years if im right.

any way I havn't heard about this new album in Israel... to bad...

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That's what they do with legendary artists. They keep putting compilations and greatest hits albums out. Some are top-notch stuff with pictures, liner notes, and rare stuff....some have very common stuff with no bells -n- whistles. It's just the way things go. I think this greatest hits collection is perfect. Every single is on there in order of it's release and in the form it waz released in (remixes, radio edits, etc).

I don't mind the cheap stuff like "Before The Willennium" either. It's not really anything new...i'm just happy 2 be getting something new. Anyone who is underrating The Very Best of JJ+FP needs 2 get their head right.

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