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I finally found the album finally. It's at Best Buy for 9.99. The remastered sound is amazing. It's kinda weird that they edited "The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff" up so much. Under the clear trey, there is a rare picture taken from the Rock The House photo shoot. It's in black and white and the 2 of them are smiling and leaning behind Jazzy's turntables. On the backside of the CD insert, they have the undoctored pic that they used on the back of the "Nightmare On My Street" vinyl single cover. The credits 2 all the songs are on the 1st 2 pages with the Homebase JJ+FP logo under them. Page 2 and 3 has an alternate pic taken from the photo shoot featured on the back of The Gold Collection. There is a mini bio on the group (which i haven't read yet) and on the last page, there is a real small pic of JJ+FP from the He's The DJ dayz. It has an "also available" list which is kinda weird cuz it's missing Rock The House and And In This Corner... from it.

Go get it!!

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"The Groove" remix is very rare. Until now, it's only been available on the 1990 promo single. It features the late jazz legend Grover Washington Jr.

Last nite, i went 2 the Best Buy that i got my JJ+FP "Very Best of..." CD (that only had 2 copies...which i bought 4 me and Tim). They were now fully stocked with 6 copies!!

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AJ, not weird. Rock The House and And in this Corner... are not available @ the moment. That means, if you find it in any store, good, but SonyBMG has not made any reprints yet.

No, it's definitly weird. Just cuz those albums are hard 2 find at the moment, doesn't give them an excuse 2 overlook them. By not mentioning them in a greatest hits compilation, it's like wiping them out of the JJ+FP history. Which just isnt' cool.

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Yeah, Best Buy and Circuit City is the only places i've seen it. It's definitly worth getting 4 those of u who are giving up hope. It's nothing but the hits REMASTERED. If u can't get it in stores...get it online.

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