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The CD will hit stores tomorrow....anyone who has a full tracklist by now? Or some more news on this?


1. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

2. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

3. A Touch Of Jazz

4. Parents Just Don't Understand

5. A Nightmare On My Street

6. Brand New Funk

7. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

8. The Groove (Jazzy's Groove)

9. Summertime

10. Ring My Bell

11. The Things That U Do

12. Boom! Shake The Room

13. I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

14. I Wanna Rock

You can listen to the full album on aolmusic.com

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I had 2 work all day. I ran in2 Circuit City and they didn't have the album on the shelves. After work i went 2 Wal-Mart and they didn't have it either...which waz kinda okay since i realized that my friend has my credit card as i waz walking in. If anyone has it or has seen it in a record store...let me know so i can go get it.

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I went to 4 stores doing some cd shopping and didn't see this 1... CC,Morning Glory Music,Just Play Music,Werehouse Music...Funny thing is is that i bought 37-40 cd's hahaha...Anyway they should've did this album like they did Nas's Illmatic #10 Anniversary!

Ohyeah!This CD isn't on amazon...

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I've checked Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Borders, FYE, Best Buy, and an independent record store. It hasn't been released. With albums like this, it's not common for them 2 actually come out a week or 2 after the actual release date. That's probably the case.

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Yeah it seems like it hasn't been released yet, I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it...

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You can also order it off amazon.com too. I haven't ordered it, because I would rather buy it in stores.

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I just got my copy of the album. I don't have pictures, but this is the official tracklisting

01 Girl's Ain't Nothin' But Trouble 05:07

02 The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff (Single Edit) 04:09

03 A Touch Of Jazz 03:19

04 Parents Just Don't Understand 05:15

05 A Nightmare On My Street (Single Version) 04:54

06 Brand New Funk 04:02

07 I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (Radio Mix) 04:58

08 The Groove (Jazzy's Groove) 04:34

(Featuring Grover Washington Jr)

09 Summertime (Single Edit) 03:58

10 Ring My Bell (Mr Lee's Radio Mix) 04:06

11 The Things That U Do (Radio Remix) 04:10

12 Boom! Shake The Room (LP Mix) 03:50

13 I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) 03:42

(Single Edit)

14 I Wanna Rock (Radio Edit) 04:19

Total Playtime: 60:23

I forgot to mention. The songs sound great. Very crisp and high quality. It's nice to hear the single versions instead of the album versions.

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