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Mi$ta Money - "ViolenCCCe Ain't Tha An$wer

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Mi$ta Money - ViolenCCCe Ain't Tha An$wer

(Mi$ta Money)

Bullets, being shot for no reason//

Like tha seige of Troy, that treason//

Knives bein' thrown, bl00d getting spilled//

U & I no those people shouldn't have been killed//

Playin' violent games, that's what floods their minds//

It's like they posined 'em by puttin' it in their coffe grinds//

On tha newz all day, you hear people dying//

I know you know it ain't good, so stop lying//

Violencce Ain't Tha Answer, brotha keep it truce wit yo' friends//

And I won't have to teach you all the d*mn lessons//

World War III wouldn't be good, so stop killlingg //

You dont want that, so please be very willing//

Money isn't tha answer to everything, U can't buy life//

I dont wanna die, I someday want to have a wife//

Dude you gotta know what you are saying//

Nah, man why would you even think Im playin'//

Take it from me, don't create the fight//

Just stick to your heart, then you'll know whats right//


Violencce, causer of the wars today//

Guns, killers of many people today//

Do somethin' about it, go out & Say//

Stop wit' all tha killlingg, aye?//

Violencce Ain't Tha Answer\\

We're doin' our best, but they dont care//

You don't need 2 tell me that it ain't fair//


Yeah and sure dont forget the BROOM//

It makes me so freakin'' mad, why U shoot dat guy//

Just tell me the d*mn answer, tell me why//

Lies, despute, violencce, this is what let u 2 do this//

Tha dude you just shot will be very missed//

Gangsta rap also lead U 2 do so, why u listenin' to dat crap//

If I could, I would have it agaist the law 2 have dat rap//

Dis is tha rap game, not a violencce triangle//

These new horror movies, are dreadful//

29,000 kids die everyday of hunger//

At this place, and this time, im glad i aint younger//

War cant be stopped, it's just a clash of destruction//

We can re-build the world wit da help of construction//

[Chorus x 2 fade...]

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Money isn't tha answer to everything, U can't buy life - Good point to make.

Gangsta rap also lead U 2 do so, why u listenin' to dat crap

If I could, I would have it agaist the law 2 have dat rap - Attacking personal taste. Interesting. :stickpoke:

For songs like this, try to make your words a bit more diverse and maybe insert a personal, possibly recent or memorable event. It's still a decent rap tho.

Why did you spell Violence with 3 Cs? I'm curious about that.

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thanks 4 the reply dood!

well, i kinda wanted it 2 be difrent then normal, wit 3 CCCs. Like U can C the bullets, C the emotion, and C the passion.

Somethin` like dat. BUT i neva realy thought about it, just did it

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