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T.I's Personal Assistant Killed

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A member of the entourage of best-selling rapper T.I. was killed and three others were injured in a gun battle early Wednesday that began as a fight in a suburban after-hours club, police said.

T.I., 25, was not hurt.

Witnesses told police the fight began at a party for T.I. and fellow rapper Yung Joc after they performed Tuesday night at Bogarts, a concert hall near the University of Cincinnati.

A dispute with some local residents prompted T.I. and his group to leave the party, but they were pursued by two sport utility vehicles, police said.

A gun battle ensued, with members of the entertainer's entourage shooting at the pursuing vehicles, police said.

Officers who arrived at the scene near downtown found four people with gunshot wounds.

Philant Johnson, 26, was pronounced dead at a hospital. He was described by a spokesman for T.I.'s Grand Hustle record label as the rapper's personal assistant.

Three other members of the entourage were hurt. A Minnesota woman was hospitalized in stable condition. A bodyguard and a driver were treated and released.

No arrests have been made. Police said the shooters were gone by the time they arrived.

The rapper started a nationwide tour last month and was to appear in St. Louis on Wednesday night. His CD "King" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week, the rapper's record label said.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, won the Street Anthem award for "U Don't Know Me" at last November's Vibe Awards. He also played a teen in an impoverished section of Atlanta in the movie "ATL" that came out this year.


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man. when will it end. I just got off work, and as soon as I went online, I read that Tiger Wood's dad passed away, and now this... ooh. this is just so much. I can understand ppl dying because of natural reasons... but senseless deaths (among rappers), and in the entertainment business like that , gets me worried about dudes like Will, or even up and coming talent.. tryin to make a difference...

i just get worried the more i read stuff like that...all i can say is u guys on the board, be careful out there... please.



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Man, my prayers go out 2 all those involved...but i can't help but get angry when i read stuff like this. These grown men are running like idiots who have no respect for themselves or others, no self control, or common sense. They go around with with guns shooting whatever and whoever they want. I don't have anything else 2 say...otherwise i'm gonna get real worked up...ha ha.

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nine trey everybody wants to be a gangster.... pupupupupupupup but no more thanks to me...

-Will you should have convinced T.I. Gangster Rap is Whack

Man T.I. was born to be a gangsta rapper, btw Will cant say to him wat to do, hes a grown man :lol:

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I've just gotta say ANY and EVERY time anybody refers 2 ANYONE as a gangsta rapper, i crack up. HELLO, gangsters don't rap. Anyone who seriously calls themself a "gangsta" is a fool. And anyone who believes anything those so-called gangsta rappers say, is an even bigger fool.

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Gangsta rapper is just like anickname to refer those types of rappers, at least dats wat i think, i aint sayin they ARE gangsters.

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I don't think TI refers to himself as a gangsta though, music is music in my opinion, I hate all these stupid labels people put on it, now I know some of the rappers I like that talk about how much they keep it gangsta don't really live like that, I mean for example I don't think Snoop Dogg is going out bustin' gats and pimpin' women 'cause he's a married man with kids in real life, that don't make him a fool though, he's an entertainer, I just take it as entertainment, like watching a movie, they're more like actors that make songs about somebody else, some do it better than others, and this shooting had nothing to do with music I don't think, violence happens, that's all I'm gonna say in this thread 'cause I already see where it's heading, RIP to TI's assistant and everyone that died today...

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