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FIFA World Cup 2006

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Just gotta say both england goals were scored by liverpool players. where would england be without the scousers. :wiggle:

i have no idea if we played well, i was trying to listen to the radio in work but women kept coming in and ringing and stuff. i saw the last goal tho, that was great.

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No we didn't play well really. Not until Rooney & Lennon came on anyway. Svern got it right for once, attacking subs as well. Top man.

Aaron Lennon is the future of English football.

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Now that is world class, not Spain. Serbia is better than Ukraine, played harder, but Argentina played like they know (slow-paced game) and dominated from start to end. Great game by the whole team as half of the goals were team play (no free kicks, corner kicks etc). Messi proved he's in another level: 13 mins played, 1 goal 1 assist. Let's hope they arrive to the final.

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Yea they killed the sebierians...Sweeden we're so lucky last night...They couldn't score untill good old freddie helped them...lol

swedens attempts at goal were hilarious..they finally got 1..but how many chances did they blow :kekeke:

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