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FIFA World Cup 2006

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Will it be 3rd time unlucky for Scolari in Quarter final competition against the English. I hope so. I think we can have Portugal this time, if we play like i know we can and have done before.

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Portugal will win... England is overrated with the stars.. they have not proved anything yet.. Good Luck England. Portugal will win..

If only Scolari puts Nuno Gomes as a striker... man Pauleta is downer for Portugal...

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This is not a game, this is a figth. Portugal is playing very, very mean.

well the Holand team was no better at the point :shrug: ... btw where were all my favs players Davids , Zeidorf , Patrick Kluivert ?!?


i prefer Holand to win but ...

They're all past it. Holland are a team for the future now, just watch what they'll do at Euro 2008

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Its impossible not to hate Italy.

Exactly. Someone should teach them how to play football. And now they are facing Ukraine or Switzerland so they are already in the semifinals, and they havent played any good football yet, it's always the same.

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Would you english people be happy with a bronze medal?

i dont know about that..but u gotta watch out 4 Brazil..if Ghana somehow beats Brazil then ghana is gonna win the whole thing..i gotta watch that game..Sad holland is already out..it's kinda of a shock though

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Some people say the match between Argentinia and Germany is gonna be a early final. The one that wins thas is gonna win the whole thing.

@ Kikflip:

Dont be so shure about that. Zwitserland is doing good till now.

Oh Lord... I`m nerveus now.. Penaltys..lol


Hehehehehe...No Switzerland so italy in in semifinals :P

I like both Argentina and Germany a lot so it'll definetely be like a final to me.

Hope Argies pass but they'll have to play better if they pretend to beat Germany+referees

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