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Buying JJFP albums

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I need some advice on which order to buy old JJFP albums

I recently bought Code Red and Loved the tracks Boom Shake the room, Twinkle Twinkle, I'm looking for the one, I wanna Rock

Now I just want to know should i start from the beginning and work my collection up to recent work


Should I go back before Code Red and so on...

I just wanna know which way would make a better experience

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like Jim said, if availability is an issue, buy whatever you can get

if availability is not an issue here's the order i would go with: Homebase, He's The DJ, Rock The House, And In This Corner

you could basically switch He's the DJ and Homebase around, they're both great album, but Homebase feels more 90's than Hes The DJ

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i think get homebase next, its the most similar to code red so if u liked that one im sure you'll like homebase. Then the other 3 albums are quite different i think, then u really get into the old skool.

my first jjfp album was hes the dj and it was so weird to go from bws and willenium to that.

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I barely got Code Red!I got got lucky and found it used for $4.99!!!

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