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No offence man but i did not feel this track.. No flow at all.. and it sounds like you just whispering on the mic... your friend does not sound like 50 at all.. maybe you guys should more be like yourself other then try to sound like 50 and Mel...


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Lerkot, the beat is cool (as usual) but the im not feeling the flow and looks like neither you, sounds like ure just readin a paper n speakin in the mic, put more heart on it, i lked the lyrics but needs more strenght in the way ure flowin.

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Luigie: Yeah I know.. we usually have more power but my mother needed to sleep, haha.

hahaha, ok now it got sense it hapenned to me sumtimes too

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For da love of da game :1-cool:

I guess sumtimes ppl get impatient to do sumthin, no matter if ur momma is sleepin :wiggle:

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"Im still young tryin to grow up, and got big dreams,

One day my name will sound in mouths of all human beings,"

Young ppl always want to be recognized, and well maybe we aint givin the 100% but we feel like we're givin it, its hard to explain but dats the best i can do.

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