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DMX-Lord Give Me A Sign (Produced By Scott Storch,Off New Album)

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woah, i thought i posted in this thread already? well i guess i downloaded it and didnt post. this song is HOT! i recommend TopDawg, MaxFly, and AJ u guys need to check that link and download that song especially. i've listened to this song 15 times today (no kidding) and im listening right now!!! i can play this song in front of my parents too, and they didnt just accept it, they loved it!! don't sleep on it, DMX is bringing the truth!!

btw, Good post Mark

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I haven't really listened to much DMX, but wow, this song does not at all match with my mental picture of what DMX is about. Interesting.

i don't listen to DMX either, which is actually stated in my first post in this thread about 8 hours ago which was deleted. whoever deleted my post, i really didnt appreciate that.

but anyways, it's very interesting to hear DMX speak about praising the Lord after he has been thrown in jail. he says lord give me a sign, perhaps going to jail was. but one thing about this track is for sure: it is inspiring to me and it's a good track.

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