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Will to star in I am legend


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uh-oh....I Am Legend is doing reshoots Nov. 14th thru Nov. 16th.

this was posted on the "I Am Legend" message board on imdb.com

"My girlfriend's Dad is the construction coordinator for this movi...and it's true they are doing reshoots!

It's pretty in depth. He's been in there for a week already rebuilding A LOT of the sets. They already scrapped all the stuff so they have to rebuild a lot of it...He said it's quite a lot of new scenes being shot.

He's actually saying that they should push the release date back a month or 2 but the studio can't do that so he's worried the movie isn't going to be complete!

So this is a time to be worried about this movie! Very Worried!!"

I hope this guy's full of crap...

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