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funniest movies u've seen

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There is many, but dumb dumbere, and some films with Adam Sandler.
But in series, i think "Everybody loves Raymond" is the best, but also "Fresh prince of bel air" and "Step by Step" are very funny

Greetings DannYDJ
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You ever watch the "Thumb" films by the same guy?

He takes famous films and remakes them using thumb people. He had done "Thumbtanic", "Bat-thumb", "The Blair Thumb Project", plus some others.

Damn funny they are.


You can see the trailers here and even buy the DVD.
Worth a look if you like Kung Pow. Edited by the real big willie
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Blair Thumb, I love that guy at the start going on about the Llama.

[i]"A lot of kids were disappearing in the woods, all mysterious like. And people thought it might be... David Copperfield. In a stage show, he took a llama and put it in a box. He closed the box and spinned it around. He opened up the box. There's no llama! And you don't see that every day, there's a llama here, llama gone. llama, no llama. Just chills you to the bones!"[/i]

That makes me laugh everytime.

And Thumbtanic is very funny too.

You got to check out Bat Thumb.

The only one I aint seen yet is The Godthumb.
They got a Matrix one coming soon too.

Love that one eyed guy that is in all the films too. :roll:

Might have to check out Kazza, see if I can D'load Godthumb.
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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 29 2004, 10:08 PM]I can honestly say i have never heard of these kung pow and thumb movies lol, am i missin out on much?[/quote]
Yes you are.

You can d'load some of the thumb movies via kazza if you look.

Worth it too, they are damn funny.
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[quote=WildWildWillennium,Jul 29 2004, 11:28 PM]"Mallow...MALLOW!"  :roll:[/quote]
Ha, ha.

Love that bit.

Mallow baby, marsh baby. :thumb:


I you aint seen the thumb films, you got to check them out.
Some of Steve Oederkerk's best work.......and he has done some really good films.
I aint laughed so much in ages.

[url="http://www.oentertainment.com/InsaneO/Thumbs/thumbmain.htm"]http://www.oentertainment.com/InsaneO/Thumbs/thumbmain.htm[/url] Edited by the real big willie
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