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Ok guys, i'm back and i must say that it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really saw the man himself ripping it apart on the wheels!!!!! Now here's the story!

It was about 9:30pm when we (me and a friend) left home. I had my cam, the codered inlay and a pen with me. the drive lasted about 30mins (thanx to my friends navigation system) until we arrived at the rocker33 club. We were a few minutes too early, it must have been about 10:45 and the club was opening at 11pm. so i decided to record the area outside the club just for you to get a better impression. there were about 25-30 people waiting and there was this clique who were talking about Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince. I didnt really understand what they were saying, but i could figure out that they were making fun of Will and Jeff for their track Boom! Shake The Room. i just thought to myself to leave them alone with their stupidity... so the club opened up a few minutes past 11pm and naturally i was the first to be at the entrance :lolsign: I payed the entrance fee (10 Euros, about 6,7 Pounds) and made my way towards the building where the party rooms are. i filmed for a few seconds until a security came up and told me to turn off the cam, cause it wasnt allowed to film. so i hurried up to the toilett to get this information on tape (you'll see it then, when i put it up). there were two Djs before Jeff and i must say that they were pretty good! so i was dancing here and there and drinking alcohol free stuff, just to be also mentally present when jeff arrives. i gave my jacket with my cam inside to the checkroom and got back to the dancefloor. the crowd was already hyped and it was like that everybody was waiting for Jeff. So Jeff finally arrived at 2am and everybody was going crazy! me too of course! :wickedwisdom: I was in the front, the one and only representative of JJFP.com. Just one meter away from Jeff. He was up on the stage which was 1/2 - 1 meter higher than the dancefloor. the only thing that i thought at that moment was "ok here you are, right in front of Jazzy Jeff!". i finally made! one of my biggest dreams came true! :wickedwisdom: so there was just one thing left to complete my mission. i had to hook up with darnell. well i didnt really know how he looked like, so i just checked out where mad skillz and jeff are. there were also a japanese guy and a black dude and it was obvious that the black dude was darnell (who else?). and after he put all the equipment out (yeah i saw Jeffs Powerbook G4!!!!), i was 100% sure that he must have been darnell. so i shouted out his name. i guess that it was a lil bit to loud, cause he was just a few foots away and looked kinda mad at me. my only chance to get to jeff was to get on darnells nerves, so i continued to shout and scream and finally he pointed on me with his index finger to come up to him and say whatever i wanted to say. now this was the point when the night took a turn for me. right before i could finish my sentence "tim price from australia tol..." his facial expression totally changed! :lolsign: he looked really suprized and smiled at me! he gave me something to drink and we shook hands and talked in body language :rofl: i "asked" him if he could hook me up with jeff after show, and he was with it and "told" me to calm down a lil bit :kekeke: So the party was rockin on and everybody was jumping and screaming! to my suprize Jeff had bought a special guest with him. It was DJ KOOL and i couldnt believe it! man, that dude knows how to move the crowd!!!! skillz on the mic, jeff on the TNTs and DJ Kool hyping the crowd! That was really awesome! Jeff did a lot of routines! the ones which i can name are Run DMCs Peter Piper and LL Cool Js Rock The Bells (you know, the one he did on the New Music Seminar '86!!!!). He put on everything from oldskool to newskool and from r&b to gansta rap! The show was getting instantly better with time and at the end he just totally ripped it up! he wasnt mixing anymore just scratchin back and forth and transforming! DJ Kool and the others on stage just looked kinda enchanted at Jeff! :wickedwisdom: well me and the rest of the crowd too. i cant even describe how i felt at that moment! i was just blown away. Jeff looked a few times at me, how could he overlook me? i was just right in front of him! darnell, he really looked often at me and smiled at me! i guess that he didnt really expect to meet another JJFP.com member.

So the show was over at about 5am and everybody was rushing to the front to get something signed from jeff. well i just kept cool and told my friend to get my jacket from the checkroom. while he was doing that, i just stood there waiting for darnell to pick me up. everybody was screaming and holding their LPs and t-shirts with a pen in the air :rofl: my friend came and gave me my code red inlay. i told him to start record. so he did and darnell had already put me up to the stage. haha, that was a real cool feeling. to be in the crowd sourrounded by all the fans and see darnell putting his index finger towards me, pointing to come up to the stage! so afterwards my friend started to record and darnell brought me to jeff. darnell said somethin to jeff, but i couldnt understand it, cause it was too loud. but i'm sure that he told him somethin about Tim Price and that i'm from this board. Jeff looked really suprized and a lil bit happy (well he often does :1-smile: ) so we shook hands and darnell was ready with his cam to make a pic of me and jeff. he told me that he's going to send it to Tim. ok, i was up there and i didnt want to fail to ask a question, so i asked the first question which came to my mind. so i told him if i could ask something. he agreed and i asked if they're (he and Will) going to make a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince reunion album. At this point his smile got even bigger and he told me that they're always trying. but you know how it is, Will is too busy. but i hope that my plea will push his will to make a lil bit more pressure on Will to get him into the studio :lolsign:

Afterwards i put out my codered cover to get it signed. Darnell thanked me for the support and such an idiot i am, i didnt thanked him and Jeff for all the things they did. :stars: :bangcomp: but you should understand that i was just a bit too nervouse :wiggle:

So i had my own personal autograph of Jeff on my codered cover. after i turned my back to the stage i saw DJ Kool sitting down on the edge giving autographs. so i rushed to him and he immediately looked at me and took my cover. i showed him where to sign and he wrote the following down "DJ Kool 2006! Let Me Clear My Throat!" :2thumbs: :wickedwisdom: :pony:

I also took the time, or actually he took the time, to ask him how it was to work with Will on Lost & Found. he told me that it was great and that Will is a real cool guy and that he knows him for a long time. they were all really nice and open. something i cant imagine of 50 Cent or eminem :thumbdown:

Jeff and all the others were really professional and really friendly. It was already 5:30am and me and my friend made our way back to the car to drive home. we were both blown away of their performance and it wont be easy to forget this night!! my friend told me that he never had been to party like that before. and i just agreed. my head is still aching and my ears are still whisteling :ohdear: but it was one the biggest and greatest times i've ever had in my live. so right now i just wanted to thank all you guys, for the possibility to be here and especially Tim who made this meeting possible!!!!!!! :word:

best regards DefCEM

btw, the vid is following next week. :2thumbs:

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Thank You Guys!!!! The sound of Jeffs scratchings live is really different from what you hear on the albums or recorded live shows.

Man, they also did Summertime with the Summer Madness intro. He played the whole first verse and skillz (and me) was rapping along. It sounded soooooooo dope!

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