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A Bit Of News On MIB 3 !


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Well maybe he might record another "Men In Black" song for it :hmm:

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As the resident movie guru(lol), I can tell you that Tonight, He Comes is not a done deal just yet. MIB3 continues to be nothing more than a rumor. We also know for a fact that Will can't possibly shoot MIB3 this year as he has other projects in store.

Greenbacks is just a rumor as well, although the plot looks to be interesting.

Tonight, He Comes is likely gonna film, though it may be pushed back from it's proposed June start. The imdb crew page has people listed like casting director, visual effects supervisor, and production coordinator.

I hate to say it but nothing in the movie business is concrete until the filming actually starts. Projects have come this close before until something went wrong and the movie fell apart. I'd wait until the movie is actually in production. No other co-stars have been named yet on Tonight. That's always a tell-tale sign when only one star has "committed" to the film.

Yeah that's true, that's why I said likely in orginal post. But, "Tonight, He Comes" is further along then anything else, so chances are it's Will's next movie.

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I personally don't want to see another Men In Black...Another Bad Boys would be dope..but not another Men In Black...

:word: :wickedwisdom:

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Another Bad Boys wouldn't be my thing. I didn't like Bad Boys II so much, I thought Bad Boys ('95) was much better. I think Men in Black 2 was a better sequel than Bad Boys'.

wow thats an interesting opinion. i think most people including myself thought BB2 was spatacular (in my opinion Will's best movie) and thought MIB2 was alot weaker than the original. i wouldnt mind a BB3 at all.

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