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Any really good Photoshop Peeps wanna help me Out?


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OK see where it says Houston? Can someone please take that part out, and put in "BLENDS" in some sort of Graf font? Then remove the white around it, and send me the photoshop file of it(So i cna use it to make the rest of the cover, and so the white won't be there...)? Much appreciated if anyone can.

And yes..this means a new Blends Project coming this summer :1-cool:

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This is the best I could do! Not sure how to remove the white background tho? Do any other photoshoppers know how to do this coz this has been bugging me for a while? I've tried making the background transparent and also using the magic wand tool but when I go to save it as a jpg the white comes back! :hmm: :stickpoke:


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