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Suge Knight: 'I'm Serving Death Row Its Last Meal'

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Marion "Suge" Knight has come forward to speak about his recent decision to file for protection under federal bankruptcy laws.

Knight's new counsel, Larry Nagelberg and Laurence Strick, said Knight and Death Row Records sought protection because of a $107 million dollar default judgment awarded to Lydia Harris, ex-wife of imprisoned drug boss Michael "Harry-O" Harris.

Harris and Knight have publicly feuded over the label since 1997, the year Harris went public and claimed he invested $1.5 million in Death Row Records, home to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound and others.

Knight missed numerous court hearings to disclose his assets, the most recent being Saturday (April 1). A judge had warned Death Row Records would be put into receivership if Knight missed Saturday's hearing.

Yesterday (April 4), Judge Ronald found Knight innocent of contempt of court at a hearing regarding the bankruptcy filing.

"For the last few years there's been a stigma attached to Death Row," Knight told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "People like the Harris' have been coming out of the woodwork and it's been like a dark cloud hanging over me. I've decided that I'm serving Death Row its last meal. I'm setting a new table."

Knight's attorneys also stated they plan on filing a motion against the Harris' and their attorneys for undisclosed violations of federal bankruptcy law.

just thought i'd share this news........

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I guess 'Death Row East' plans fell through before it even started, not really a surprise, Suge should just stay out of the rap game for real

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He said he's "setting a new table"...so this isn't the last of him, or Deathrow. Suge has no musical talent and his business skills have disappeared over the years. He should just call it quits...but u know he won't. He may be growing up and using this time 2 get all the people who are on is back...off. Deathrow's last great accomplishment waz Snoop's 2nd album.

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