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Happy Birthday Prince!

Jonny 5

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haha Wes... this has got to be a bluff from Prince, it's way to early to be drunk... :rofl:

actually, scratch that... he's runnin a bit of a riot on ws.com too, haha! :rofl:

Oh.. God. What did I do on WS.com? :ohdear:

I remember it taking me a very long time to log in!

Anyway, thanks all!

Yeah went skiing yesterday for the day. Had a great time. Was up with some friends. There'd been even more fresh snow the night before, and the sun came out, so it was awesome. Spent the day ripping up the slopes, and doing jumps and drop-offs and things.

Then at the end we hiked up from the highest lift, and hiked up the steepest bit on the mountain which is outside the ski area boundary (avalanche warning level was category 4: high). Was an amazing run. Only about the 2nd time I've done it too. Great snow.

Have photos etc, I might post them later.

Edit: I've just been to WS.com. I see I accused somebody of being a "peddofile"?! lol

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Happy Birthday :sipread: :wickedwisdom: :lolsign:

Can i go back to drinking my coffee now? :sipread: :lolsign:

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Did you guys miss the date on this?

naaaa, just willreign brought it back up for them, he's been in the army if I remember rightyl :2thumbs:

Lol, and bea and markwinfield?

they jumped on it because it was up the top, without checking the date or the prior posts... is that all? :1-cool:

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