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Happy Birthday Jazzy Julie

Da Brakes

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:birthday: :drunk: [color=red][font="Optima"] Happy Birthday [/color][/font]to the one and only Jazzy Julie!!! :drunk: :birthday:

Make sure you make it a good one!!! Have a great day!! And drink copious amounts of alcohol!!!

:dancingcool: :kool: :dancingcool: :kool:
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Have a fun birthday Jazzy Julie! :birthday: :beer:
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thank guys!!! Well i was told i have to act like a proper adult now, but its gone wrong already. As i turned 20 last night i was at some1 elses 18th and i was drunk and dancing to grease. then when my friends mum was taking us home we decided to run down a road that is supposidly haunted by a grey lady.

So im slightly hung over 2day and then its more alcohol 2night. Its true tho scousers know how 2 party!!!
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