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Ice-T To Host VH1 'Hip Hop Honors'


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I don't think NWA was wack at all. They were groundbreaking. Sure, there was a lot of profanity in their music but it wasn't all about drugs, women and money in their music either. They talked about police brutality, racism and other issues in their music as well.

I think they should honor NWA as a whole instead of just Eazy. Also, I think it's too soon to induct Wu Tang as honorees when groups like JJFP, De La, Tribe and EPMD have yet to be honored.

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There's still plenty of time for all these artists to be honured, plus i bet some of them will make the 3rd show. I think they are just trying to pad it out abit, cos in the future we'll just be left with b-rate stars if all the real legends get inducted in the first few shows.

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I got respect for what NWA and Wu-Tang Clan have done for hip-hop but I'm not really that much into them and I don't own all their albums since they ain't really my favorites, I always check for what Ice Cube does individually, he by far stands out the most in NWA and the group crumbled once he left, I could understand the same thing about those who might not be that much into Will's music but as long as they respect his impact on the game is all that should matter, you don't have to own every album to have respect somebody... The one thing I don't get is why do they just honor Rakim, why ain't it Eric B. + Rakim getting honored? That's just as wack as Eazy-E being honored but not NWA, Eazy-E needed NWA and Rakim needed Eric B., that's when they were in their music primes, that'd be like honoring Will Smith and not Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, I hope that don't happen either :paperbag:

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I actauly see that coming. Its a shame tho.

On topic: I told you what I think about the Beasties, Its redicoulus to put any of them groups above them, since no one will ever change they game again like they did.

About the Clan: I dont see why they shouldnt get honored. Yeah, they dont to it as long as Tribe does. But see, they had a big impact. They made one of the probably best Hip Hop Albums ever. They made many other Albums, who all had quality. Some of the solo careers that came out of that group made albums that are hip hop milestones too. And with all the succes they never lost theyr touch too the undeground scene ether. RZA is one of the best producers ever, GZA is for shure one of the best writers to touch the mic, Ghostface shows his emotions like not many other Mc`s, Method Man just keeps flowing on every kind of beat you give to him.

See I love Tribe, JJFP, De La Soul etc, probably more than most of the clan stuff (JJFP ofcourse more) but I see why they chose the Clan above them..

That they chose Eazy abpove N.W.A., Dre, Ice Cube is probably just caus they wanted to honor another dead guy. It dont take no VH1 person to see that Ice Cube is a better Mc than Eazy. Its just caus they needet a dead guy. N.W.A. will get honored to, probably next time.

What I dont see is why the took Mc Lyte above Queen Latifah, but thats probably just me. And.. What about Masta Ace? He`s probably the most slept on Mc ever..

Oh, yeah.. What about Public Enemy?

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Public Enemy was inducted in the first year. Apparently, some of you guys have slept on this annual show. It's gonna be the third induction this year.

What's with the crying over Wu-Tang's induction. You're missing a large chunk of HipHop's history if you leave them out, together and separate. They have made an impact both commercially and underground. Weren't we just talking about Ghostface's new cd last week? Oh yeah, and Gza probably had the best rap cd of 2005, U-God had a cd come out last year. These guys are still making an impact in the game and it's time to be recognized.

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Yeah I heard Ghostface sold 120,000 in his first week of release and it's getting a lot of positive reviews

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