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I want to see it without the blasted censorship! :mad:

are you willing to pay? :kekeke:

YEP! :gettinjiggywitit:

I managed to remove Tim's censoring with a special program I have... you got paypal Coz?

Don't think just because I'm in my 40s that I'm a sucker! :eusa_naughty:

I won''t pay a penny over $20! :lolsign:

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Here's 1 with Tim smiling! If this wasn't a family forum I might just tell you all why! :rofl:

Tim on a nnnnnnoddddddd.........

Frankly, I don't think that the rip-roaring hectic lifestyle of the music biz quite agreed with him... :lolsign:

dear god.. its quite obvious he has that camera poised.. look where its pointed.. i wouldnt be surprised if its set to go off by motion sensor...

perhaps tims considering a new career?

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Guest Guest

I had on black biker shorts, thank you very much.

I look so Chinky in that picture. Thanks, Tim. Thanks for giving away the pictures without letting me know.

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