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Snoop Dogg Concert Cancelled After Pressure From Nevada Authorities


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Snoop Dogg Concert Cancelled After Pressure From Nevada Authorities

By Chris Richburg

Date: 3/30/2006 8:00 am

A previously scheduled concert in Las Vegas, Nevada featuring rapper Snoop Dogg has been cancelled.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Snoop was scheduled to headline a recent private party held by Molson Coors Brewing at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

However, the rapper's performance was stopped after Harrah's Entertainment, the hotel's parent company, asked Coors to cancel the show in light of pressure from local law-enforcement authorities and Nevada's Gaming Control Board, according to several people close to the situation.

Sheriff Bill Young of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently sent a letter to state gambling regulators urging them to discourage casinos from booking rappers.

That was followed by a letter from Nevada's State Gaming Control Board which expressed particular concern about "gangster rap."

The letters came after the deaths of four local rappers last June and the recent death of a police officer who was murdered by an aspiring Las Vegas rapper.

Less than two weeks after Harrah's received the letter, the company asked Coors executives to remove Snoop from the show.

People involved told The Wall Street Journal that Snoop would have been paid about $150,000 for the performance.

The rapper declined to comment

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I dont have a prob with Snoop, but I think that sucked to have his show cancelled by authorities just because its "rap" genere... thats predujice if u ask me...



Yes I agree. People can choose for themselves if they want to go to a concert, I don't think the authorities need to decide...

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Ace of Spades...don't be stupid. 2Pac is gone...Rest In Peace.

Back on topic. When i said it's 2006, not 1996. I waz refuring 2 the changes. Back in 1996, Snoop waz on Deathrow and gangsta rap waz huge. On top of that, he waz releasing his 2nd album and had that murder case. Snoop waz still a freshman in the rap game. So if this happened 10 years ago, i'd understand. It's 2006. Snoop has cleaned up his life. Most of his music isn't as menacing anymore (example...singles like "Beautiful.") He's now viewed as a long-time entertainer. He's been doing his thing for over a decade. I just think it's stupid the way they are handling it.

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Well last week somebody on here posted an article on here about how they're resisting to have gangsta rappers appear there at their Las Vegas resort, I guess they're legit about that statement since they did this, I don't think it's necessarily that they have something against Snoop they just don't like gangsta rap in general and they assume that he's like the other ones 'cause that one incident happened last year between the unknown gangsta rappers, it's wrong though that they're doing this like I said earlier 'cause it's a 21 and over audience and they should be able to have gangsta rap getting played there, btw I'm sure if it was 50 Cent getting boycotted to perform a lot of us here would be celebrating but he would have the right to perform there just like Snoop would, I can't believe I'm defending 50 Cent but I just wanted to make a point there I may not like his music but that don't mean he can't perform to whoever wants to see him even though he don't really have much fans over 21 anyway, lol

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