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Wow.. I gave up on the thought that it ever gets released, but now it came in silence out a few days ago. It`s like I thought once again an amazing Album. There arent much Mc`s than can show theyr feelings like Ghostface does, it`s his gift. And when it comes on the beats you guys probably know what to expect, 100% Soul. You cant get more Sould in Hip Hop I would say..

Tracklisting :

1. The Return Of Clyde Smith (Skit)

2. Shakey Dog

3. Kilo featuring Raekwon

4. The Champ

5. Major Operation (Skit)

6. 9 Milli Bros. featuring Wu Tang Clan

7. Beauty Jackson

8. Heart Street Directions (Skit)

9. Columbus Exchange (Skit) / Crack Spot

10. R.A.G.U. featuring Raekwon

11. Bad Mouth Kid (Skit)

12. Whip You With A Strap

13. Back Like That featuring Ne-Yo

14. Be Easy featuring Trife

15. Clipse Of Doom featuring Trife

16. Jellyfish featuring Theodore Unit (Capadonna, Shawn Wigs & Trife)

17. Dogs Of War featuring Raekwon & Theodore Unit (Trife, Capadonna & Sun God)

18. Barbershop

19. Ms. Sweetwater (Skit)

20. Big Girl

21. Underwater

22. The Ironman Takeover (Skit)

23. Momma featuring Megan Rochell

24. **BONUS TRACK ** Three Bricks featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Raekwon

Production from MF DOOM, Pete Rock, J.Dilla, MadLib, and many others, the broad shouldered Ghost stands ready and willing to carry the Wu Tang’s burden and return rap to its proper course. "Fishscale is just me showing that I can still ball with the best of them," says Ghost. "With each album I learn, so this album has the most knowledge of all of them."


This is gonna be a big year for Hip Hop, no doubt. We had public Enemy with an amazing album and now we have this one. And artists like LL Cool J, Rakim, Method Man, RZA and them are about to drop this year.

Allot of people are wining about that real Hip Hop dont sell anymore.. So there is only one thing to do for them. Get this album. Dont sleep on it :stickpoke:

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13. Back Like That featuring Ne-Yo

That's the only song I've heard, I'll probably get it soon. I got T.I.'s "King", great album! Y'all should get that one! :kekeke:

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T.I. is trash 2 me. Don't get my started on him. I'll give Ghoseface's new one a listen. I like a few random songs i've heard by him in the past...but i don't think i've really identified with anyone from Wu-Tang. I thought their 1st album waz amazing...but since then, it's all been average at best...the group albums and solo albums.

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Yeah I don't see what all this TI hype is about, he's an average rapper at best, I don't understand why Will'd try to hype up his career by producing a movie for him that comes out the same week as his album, hearing Will producing a movie for TI is just as puzzling as hearing is gonna Michael Jackson collab with 50 Cent, I just don't get how legends could waste their time working with artists that're way below their levels like this, I don't care for seeing his film or his album this week, Will's the real "King" of the mic and big screen, btw I ain't really that big of a Ghostface/Wu-Tang fan but if it's a dope album I might eventually check for it 'cause Wu-Tang got more credability than most of these wack rappers out now

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