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New York, New York


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I'm off for a couple of days to sample the city of NY, and also take in a Knics v Sixers game !!

just noticed will and jada are in the city also :1-eek:

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nice one

remember you are in my city now, so....um.....don't root for the knicks :lolsign:

I know the first thing you will do is go to 42nd street and then go on the subway for a little while and then brag to your friends "yeah, I survived the NYC subway." :lolsign:


remember YOU TOURIST!!! ( :lolsign: <--- I gotta stop using that) the Staten Island ferry is FREE and you take the 1 line to get to it and make sure to be in the first five cars in order to get off at South Ferry.


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yea, have a GREAT tyme. I wish you could have hooked up with Coz while u were up there. He lives in New York, not too far from where I grew up... be safe, and let us know what u think when u get back.



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Pictures from my new york trip and also my trip to LA from last summer, are on my myspace


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