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Society Feat. J-o-e


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Society - Brotha Luigie feat. J-o-e

[Chorus x2]

Why should I act like u?//

Why should I keep hiding the truth?//

Why should I ignore what's happening to peru?//

And why u don't take seriously this dude?//

[brotha Luigie]

Yo! Everyday when im walkin in the streets i see//

My people actin like fools, dat just hurts me//

They wanna be "Bad", not showin respect to nobody//

Wat happened wit all the good manners my buddie?//

Wow, is hard to believe how things used to be//

I still keep dat way of life and they just critize me//

They say : "dem! U look like sum kind of nerd"//

And I respond: "why cuz I dont act like u, dats it jerk?"//

They just say "Watever" and leave me alone//

So I better keep walkin, happy cuz Im goin to my home//

When I arrive to my place I start to think bout my expierence//

I pick up my pen and write in the paper my feelings//

So here I am in my desk writin bout wat I believe//

Hopin wit dis the society will learn how to live//

Why is our nation so bad compared to the other ones?//

Im gonna tell u, Cuz u didn't picked a book even once!//

Y'all are a bunch of empty brains//

Witout education and culture u just survive and no gains//

Even u cant give a good opinion in any subject//

So when a big opportunity knocks ur door, u leave dat project//

When its time for choosin the next president//

You follow who got in his speechs "agresive" content//

So...You love controversialities right?//

But I bet if dat fool got elected u'll die dat night//

[Chorus x2]


Tell me why does this government need to be in charge//

It's like I'll join the army skip private and be a Sarge //

I'll skip the starter and go and enjoy the main course //

But politicians don't listen about the police force. //

That's why every time we go out, they **** it up //

The president can't understand, he just suck it up //

Taking the money, thinking it's all funny, a dummy //

I hung around wit dudes that were all in love wit honey//

But stop, drop and come into the era of rock n roll //

No more welfare and no more heat, takes it toll //

But the police just want us to snitch, and be a bitch//

Tell us a name we will promise u to get so rich //

That's the decision, time to stand up, have a voice//

Rich or poor what's good anymore? U have a choice //

Instead of being in a democracy run by dictators //

Who run around using god's name as creaters //

Thinking they made the world, and own everything//

So I'll hand it back to brother luigie, the song he sing...//

[Chorus x2]

Wat y'all think?

Edited by Luigie
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I kinda feel you there. "Thugs" tell me im a nerd because im in my last year in college.

All the time.. an

I have a chorous for you. Maybe it is not your style but i'll take a chance :1-smile:

(Now tell me) Why society wont let me be who i am

(Now tell me) Why they always try to make me be like them

They say stuff not brightly, but i keep it very queitly

But that kind of fools, does things wrong in society.

Peace out

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Good lines,man.

Keep working!

(Sorry,my english isn´t so good because I´m from Germany).

thanks...btw english aint my 1st language neither :kekeke:

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Hey y'all heres an Update J-o-e wrote a verse for this song like a remix chek it guys n comment it! :wickedwisdom: :stickpoke:

btw..thanks for the verse Joe..i was glad to have u in my song!

Edited by Luigie
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