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And You Don't Stop: Hip Hop


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I'm watching this right now. It's basically a 5 part documentary on the rise and evolution of hip hop from the very start to the present. Everyone from Chuck D. to Will, to LL was interviewed.

JJFP got a pretty large section of the "Late 80s, early 90s" section.

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Yeah, this stuff is over a year old...but dope none the less. I'm hoping they'll show more of the specials that have FP in em.' VH-1 puts 2gether better Hip-Hop specials and documentaries than BET and MTV put 2gether.

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cheers for that Max, I'd seen it before, but it's always good to see. That video right there is something to show people who don't believe JJFP are real hip-hop, it's undeniable...

I know what you mean. most people only know "Parents Just Dont Understand" along with a few other storytelling songs of his and totally disrespect him when they have never heard JJ & FP go off House Party Style. :tantrum:

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