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Big Willie - "Distant Hope"

Big Willie

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This is just my expression on how the world has so many faults, and what we need to do to try and prevent them.

Big Willie - Distant Hope

Undeniable pressure of depression trying to progress//

A mental blockade forcing the hopeful to digress//

Forces of nature, explosions, fundamentals of living//

Rewinding the fearful, exploring for a new beginning//

Continuation, generations off loading to the new//

Oblivious to knowing what the future could turn into//

Hope descending, closing possibilities of growth//

Violence of killing enemies or danger just to provoke//

Empty emotions spreading across peoples identities//

Desperate, struggling to cure the worlds profanities//

Hope seems to be removed from the globes existence//

Keep faith in your heart, always obtain the persistence//

Bombings, earthquakes, hurricanes, child abductions//

All of this contributes to the evident destructions//

The expression of justice removed beyond all doubt//

Sometimes it feels as it World War 3 has broken out//


Distant hope like memories falling to the grave//

Distraught sufferers now abiding like slaves//

Hope crucified only viewable from a distance//

Crusade attacks removing, premature existence//

Events removing the heart from your enemies//

Starvation for the third world, hunger overseas//

Struggling countries left financially broke//

Killing the pain, reaching out for distant hope//

Hope belonging to you, but stolen from the owner//

Are we living for life, or just living because ya gotta//

Worship, honour, forced beliefs upon this world//

Keep is discrete, low, claiming we’re going to hell//

Hatred, disaster, combining to darkness for thunder//

Friends, family and enemies all see six feet under//

Terrified just to openly give opinions is discussions//

One word out of line creates lethal destructions//

Consequences of one moment left replaying the past//

Events not spoken of but the memories still last//

Materials, money, jewellery cant give us happiness//

Love, honesty and trust can only bring us this//

Skin colour comments, needless racial discrimination//

Non existent world peace, ending in devastation//

Our hope starting to dissolve, disappear to thin air//

Disintegrating ‘til gone, as if it was never there//


Artillery or danger, we’re creating deadly machines//

Focus on your goal, never give up on your dreams//

Your future is bright, with the past leave your sins//

Keep reaching because he who dares to dream wins//

Many activities steering you in the wrong direction//

Don’t let others mistakes stop your progression//

Hope may seem distant, we must explore to find it//

Many years searching, but we can never quit//

Grasp that dream, grip it like it’s your last chance//

Never letting go, chances for us to advance//

Controlling our own fate, that’s no-one else’s job//

Let hope be found, frustrations aimed at God//

Helping the hopeless, trying to bring them relief//

Through the struggles, never remove the belief//

If we start to let our promises fall to the ground//

Then the nearing distant hope, can never be found//


© Copyright 2006

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