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Dr.Dre ft. LL Cool J - Mind Made Up

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Ha ha...this isn't new. This is the track "Zoom" that they did for the Bulworth soundtrack back in 1998 (that's why he's droppin' a few cuss words). The beat is remixed tho.' Sorry i had 2 bust your bubble....but at least it's a cool remix. I don't know if i'd say it's better than the original...but it's cool. I'm pretty sure some unknown person remixed this. It dosen't sound like any of Dre's stuff...and why would he remix a song that he did 8 years ago?

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i never heard the proper zoom beat before, and ive got to hear it after listening to the collab, between dre and LL.......at first i thought it was just a remix blended together but then i heard dre say mr smith its on you......they have really good chemistry, i liked the flow of the track

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