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Can somebody help me with this.......

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Does anybody know any good LL Cool J forums like we have this JJFP one....obviously no forum can be better than this :2thumbs: but im a big fan and you know, i cant find any good ones so i can download rare clips and videos or rare tracks, i already have the albums so no need for that

i tried his official website message board..but that is just like Lorettaville if you know what i mean (WS.com) :mygod: i searched around a lot but cant seem to find one, if anyone can help me id be grateful...thanks!!!!

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No theyr aint none. There is the offcial one but thats, like you said, even more ****ed upped than than Lorettaville. There are some others, but they suck even more, like the VH1 Board for LL..

There is nowehre you can chat better about LL than in the Off Topic Part of this Board, I would say.

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