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Big Willie - "The Worlds Misery"

Big Willie

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Big Willie - The Worlds Misery

This was the first full song I wrote. Let me know what ya think!

September 11th a terrorist’s best day//

Thousands left dead while the rest of us pray//

People asking questions why did this go down//

Twin towers falling, tumbling to the ground//

Children at home left without a mum or dad//

Tears starting to fall from the good and the bad//

Troops now preparing ready to go to war//

Bringing back memories of feuds been before//

Were coming now you won’t get away with this//

Seeing you in a cage would be heavenly bliss//

Thousands been killed one more wont matter//

Your empires done your whole life will shatter//

Fuelled with energy and the rage inside//

You might as well give up you won’t survive//

Thought the game was over, nah we only just begun//

Were coming through after you there’s no-where to run//

Missiles will be fired and bombs will drop tonight//

There’s nothing you can do when you’re in the spotlight//

Colossal happiness towards a new beginning//

We can put right the consequences of your sinning//


Through the hard times and through all the dirt//

The world still seems to spill all this hurt//

What can be done to make things change?//

The cure for hatred seems to be out of range//

So just take a second to listen to my delivery//

Just a few contributions to the worlds misery//

From Malcolm X to Martin Luther King//

Showing the slave world that everyone has a dream//

Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat//

Racism still leaves you lined out in the street//

So tell me why skin colour is an issue//

I’ve heard too many people say the phrase I miss you//

The state of the world keeps bringing tears to my eyes//

Raising my head high to see only dulled skies//

Discrimination, pressure of a religion or choice//

Don’t force it, console it, let individuals voice//

One last check around this hole we call a world//

Just put the past behind and play the hand your dealt//

White or Black, there seems to be no respect//

But the way the world is what more can we expect?//


Natural disasters sweeping across each continent//

Hurricanes keep blowing removing life’s monuments//

In the name of God everything happens for a reason//

The evidence of that concept makes me resort to derision//

How you gonna use God to try and justify what results?//

OK, it can’t be prevented but that statement is a joke//

If God really made things happen for a purpose//

Katrina, Rita and Wilma would never of surfaced//

Tsunami and the Earthquake would never of hit Japan//

The two world wars would never of began//

So don’t try to immortalize and change someone’s opinion//

Just keep a close eye on the world that we live in//

This the sole reason why I started rapping//

I refuse to sit back and see all this destruction happen//

But nothings going to change, it’ll always be this way//

Palms closed, head down, lets continue to pray//


© Copyright 2006

Edited by Big Willie
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