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What if...Men In Black!


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Y'all may have seen it but i'm gonna post it anyway...

"Chris O'Donnell was first offered the role of J.

David Schwimmer was asked to play the role of J before Will Smith, but turned it down.

Clint Eastwood was offered the role of K but turned it down."


we are lucky that all the others turned it down! :2thumbs:

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Yeah that's true...and by the way did y'all know that Sly Stallone was offered the roll as Axel Foley in Beverly hills cop...maybe it doesn't belong her but it's fun info :stickpoke: :mygod:

Thats Crazy

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craziness. about that beverly hills cop thing was really crazy. Sly put alot of action in the movie.

But about the MIB thing.

I dobut it would have been such a hit without Will, David Schwimmer was big, but not that big. People knew him from friends, and that's it. All I knew was that he was also in some early episodes of NYPD blue as well. FPOBA was much bigger at the time and looking at this from a money-making point of view, the studio did the right thing getting will. (and imagine a world without the song MIB :wiggle: )

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