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Will is on the sharktale soundtrack!


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Ha ha...yeah!!! I'm hyped about this soundtrack. I like they are mixing up the musical genres instead of making it strictly Rap and/or R-N-B. I think the multi-flavaed sound with makes this a great and really successful soundtrack.

It's cool that MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" made it on the soundtrack. What's the deal with all the attention this song is getting again. 1st Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle used it in the movie (and soundtrack...the best song on it), then some club music remixer remixed it for 2003, and now it's gonna add a dash of old skool flava 2 the album.

It seems like Hammer may have a fair chance at a comeback with the attention he got on Surreal Life, then starting his own clothing line, then starting 2 work on a TV show, hosting Dance Fever, hosting part of VH'1 "I Love The 90's" and now talks of a new album called Full Blast.
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[quote]Both Justin Timberlake and Will Smith (the voice of Oscar) are cooking up fresh numbers with super producer Timbaland.[/quote]

I think the words 'Both' and 'fresh numbers' imply that there will be more than one track, not Will and Justin ont he same track.

Man, It's so confusing with Timberlake and Timbaland!
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Here's some more news about it..

Christina & Missy To Remake 'Car Wash' On 'Shark Tale' Soundtrack

The 'Shark Tale' soundtrack will feature such multi-platinum and Grammy-winning artists as Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott, performing a new version of the disco classic 'Car Wash'; Mary J. Blige doing 'To Be Real'; and the film's Ziggy Marley partnered with Sean Paul on '3 Little Birds.' The soundtrack will also feature 'Shark Tale' star Will Smith, with many more artists to be announced shortly. The album cover art will feature "fishified" animations of the featured musical talent. The 'Shark Tale' Soundtrack is set to be released September 28th on DreamWorks/Geffen Records.

soure: Rapdirt.com
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