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New DJ GTS Remix!


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I few things, this is just a rough sketch I was messing with...Yes, the Samples been flipepd..MANY MANY times, but come on, It just fit perfectly with this song, I couldn't pass it up...I'm not really feeling the way I went about putting the Bass in, during the verses, so maybe I'll go back and fix all that, but here is what I got.


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I like it...but something the verses just isn't right. I also feel that her vocals should be a little louder. The sample on the hook is dope, but i'd take her vocals out of it and keep just the sample.

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thanks..You know it's something about all her songs...or the acapellas I have anyway, Her voice starts off real low, then when she starts harmonizing,, they get REALLY loud...lol, I just noticed that.

And yea I ****ed the bass sample up. I been working on it, though. If I ever make an updated version, i'll post it up.

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