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The house in Bel Air?

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It's the house they used for outside shots for the show, anything inside was done at a studio

it's is actually in bel air also

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and what about the pool house?

And what about the house with the round balkony?

That was just a set..

hey tim do you want me to get you the address so you can take a look for yourself while you are there

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dang. get me the address too, so i can chek it out today while i have tyme... all we are doing is hittin up tha beaches, (tryna find a comfort zone to visit regularly)... and since we are still 'dreaming' about living in one of those big beautiful homes, might as well chek this one out to motivate my kids somehow. lol

word of advice to ppl with huge dreams: its expensive as HECK living in cali... I"ve been in the hotels for over aweek, and spent nearly $3,000 dollars travel expenses. That junk aint no joke. The place i was spose to get, was total crap lol... :1-eek: everything isn't worth the same as on the east coast. I was in a $150,000 home, that would cost nearly a million bucks here.... so yea, im still not settled yet, but i dont wanna live in areas like compton or inglewood... (no offense to ppl living there)...but geeze...louize.!

i know its off topic, but i had 2 vent that... hah.



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