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Lyrics question.


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Yeah I don't think it's a diss song towards Eminem either, basically what Will said about Eminem is that he moved on from that negativity that Em threw towards him even though it bothered him, he went on to make 20 million per film, and the song as a whole is a warning shot for people not to take his niceness as a free pass to diss him, obviously some young punk didn't listen to the song....

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Yo people!!! I'm from Ukraine, I had been listening Big Will for 3 years, I think his album "Lost & Found" one of da best, because, you know, all his previous albums were Hip-Hop, Solo, Rap Party....I don't know.... About his phrase "How your momma and them"... you know that Big Will is a niceguy, so he starts his songs with kinds words ( he isn't gangsta like 50 or Em) so he reads his rap pages without abuse....He's a calm boy!!! And what 'bout his song "I wish" I can say that in this song he located all his talant (Rhythm, rhyme) he says "Big Will that's my name, writin' rhmyes that' my game!!!"

P.S. I hate Eminem :bat:

Hey guys, If you want to talk with me in ICQ, with pleasure! I'm from Ukraine, I want to speak with foreigner!!! My ICQ 289530234

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