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Fresh Prince vs Big Will

Fresh Prince vs Big Will  

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  1. 1. When did Will make the best albums?

    • Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
    • Big Will

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I, I voted for Big Will!


I dont want to sound like some stupid old lady who complains about everything, but your name really really really sucks in all kind of ways man...

I know...

But who cares...

Besides, It's just a name!

Yes, it's just a name Lerkot!!!

@ withe outside-black inside:

"withe outside":you meant "white" like in "white stripes" for example, right?...

"black inside":I told you you should stop smoking!!!!! lol ;-)

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  • Admin

We should start another poll. How many people who voted "Big Will" own at least 3 JJ+FP albums b4 they made their opinion.

:lolsign: :lolsign:

we should start another poll are "potnas" and "its all good" 2 of the best tracks on big willie style and willennium.. and would you like to hear more Will tracks over jazzy jeff production instead of trackmasterz, freshmen and all those people who did born to reign :word:

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  • Admin

i have three jjfp cds. but i still say will.

because i "know" him better than jjfp

Wills doin exactly the same thing tho..when he's with Jeff he has better scratches better beats and better chemistry.. If you like Willennium you like JJFP :word:

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i have all the albums and i voted Will, but that was bcoz of Willenium mainly which i guess is JJFP ( fave songs are potnas, the rain and im comin, 2 out of 3 are JJFP), but i also love lost and found, but who doesnt.

argh i dont know what my answer is anymore.

I don't love lost and found. I liked the album, but its not even close to being as good as any JJFP albums in my opinion. Thats probably just because I like hearing Jeff scratch and Will flowing over a funky beat.

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Nah I dont love Lost & Found either... I dont see it as loveable. I respect it, because its strong in every way (though the beats are at a very low level), but I dont want it as my girlfriend.

Who am I trying to fool, of course I love it.

Anyway, Fresh Prince over Will Smith all days long. Will have made three great albums. The Fresh Prince made three fantastic and one good.

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