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Epic Film?


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Will has yet to star in an epic film ...
that is true but many epic films are based on books and/or are a triology (lord of the rings, star wars, etc.)

The thing I just thought of is that almost every black actor hasn't done an epic film. That is kinda messed up. I know Denzel did "classic" films such as Malcom X, Glory, and Philadelphia. But look at Chris Rock's movies on IMDB.com. All he has is New Jack City, but that is barely a classic. Now look at Chris Tucker, maybe and this is a big "maybe" he will be remembered for Jackie Brown, but that's it.

Now back to Will Smith. All he has donw that is sort of a classic is Ali. But to me it seems like a movie that everyone has seen and if you make a reference to it someone will know what you are talking about, but it is not like Casablanca or something like that.

wouldn't be great if he played Akhenaten in Halle Berry's new film "Nefertiti" ?!

I honestly don't know about this film, but if Will plays a guy who made God, that would be really crazy.

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I'm wit sonic I haven't heard of this film. I guess it would bve interesting 4 Will 2 star in a epic film especially if he playing a character that created God.

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