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2 Mex B-Boys... 1,117 2/22/2005

2K6 - NBA Compilation 2K6 - The Tracks 4,661 6/1/2005

9th/Buckshot Chemistry 17,410 7/12/2005

Aesop Rock Fast Cars..EP 29,382 2/22/2005

Atmosphere You Can't Imagine... 64,793 10/4/2005

AZ AWOL 42,068 4/26/2005

Big Shug Who's Hard? 4,141 9/13/2005

Black Market Militia Black Market Militia 4,036 03/2005

Blackalicious The Craft 37,901 9/27/2005

Blockhead Downtown Science 3,076 10/18/2005

Blueprint 1988 10,985 03/2005

Boom Bap Project Reprogram 5,381 6/21/2005

C Rayz Walz Year of the Beast 8,390 05/2005

Cage Hell's Winter 11,303 9/20/2005

Casual Smash Rockwell 3,039 9/6/2005

Cesar Comanche Squirrel... 724 9/20/2005

Dangerdoom Mouse and Mask 82,706 10/11/2005

Edan Beauty and the Beat 9,102 03/2005

Felt Felt 2 23,176 7/2/2005

Ge-ology Ge-ology... 976 6/21/2005

Grayskul Deadlivers 6,079 2/12/2005

J-Live The Hearafter 5,543 5/24/2005

JuJu Mob Black Candles 793 5/17/2005

Jus Allah All Fates Have Changed 4,995 5/10/2005

Kev Brown I Do... 1,863 9/20/2005

Lady Sovereign Vertically Challenged 4,745 11/15/2005

Ladybug Mecca Trip the Light Fantastic 2,352 6/7/2005

Lawless Element Soundvision... 1,679 9/20/2005

Little Brother Chitlin Circuit 19,902 6/21/2005

Little Brother Minstrel Show 56,629 9/13/2005

M.O.P. St. Marxmen 8,783 10/18/2005

Maspyke Static 321 9/20/2005

Mathematics Problem 11,797 6/28/2005

MED Push Comes... 4,228 3/22/05

Muggz/GZA Grandmasters 25,244 10/25/2005

Necro Sexorcist 6,039 8/2/2005

Ohmega Watts The Find 3,067 9/13/2005

One Be Lo Sonagram 13,313 02/8/2005

Perceptionists Black Dialogue 16,567 3/22/2005

Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P 6,334 5/10/2005

Pumpkinhead Orange Moon... 824 8/23/2005

Purple City Road to the Riches 35,418 03/2005

Quasimoto The Further Adventures... 27,418 03/2005

R.A. the Rigged Man Die Rugged... 9,793 11/16/2005

Reef the Lost Cause Feast... 693 9/20/2005

Sadat X Experience... 2,007 10/25/2005

Sage Francis Healthy Distrust 42,559 02/2005

Self Scientific Change 1,258 10/25/2005

Skillz Confessions... 3,650 9/13/2005

Slum Village Slum Village 9,480 9/27/2005

Strong Arm Steady Volume 1 1,650 10/4/2005

Supastition Chain Letters 739 10/25/2005

Supernatural SPIT 1,861 11/15/2005

Think Differently Wu-Tamg Meets 24,096 10/18/2005

U-God Mr. Xcitement 3,694 9/13/2005


that is criminal that casuals album has only sold 3000.. it was one of the best records of the year

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Wow those numbers are pitiful, some good albums on that list too, Supastition's one of the illest mcs in hip-hop and he sold 730 copies?... btw, you got any idea how much Jazzy's "The Soul Mixtape" sold? How's Kel Spencer doing? MOP flopped, I thought they were on G Unit, wtf?! :mygod:

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Little Brother ain't underground though, they released their album through Atlantic Records, BET refused to play their video that's why they didn't do better but hey that's how bad Will could've been since the media resisted him a lot too, so before the next time you complain about Will being blackballed, think about how more artists are treated even worse...

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'cause the lyrics were too intelligent for the teenage audience they're going after!!! that's why they didn't play "party starter" either, the industry only pushes rappers like 50 Cent and Kanye West while lyricists who put more substance in their lyrics can't get airplay, not blaming 50 Cent and Kanye West but I'm blaming the industry, their should be a market for everybody...

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How much money could an independent artist make selling 700 copies of an album? Even if they make $10 for each album they sell, it's only like $7,000, that's like working at Walmart, they might have to get a job on the side!! :paperbag:

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