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It could be that Jonny, because when mentioning it he said he wanted to try and force around 7-8 months free time to work and travel to get the vibes from around the world. And as we all know he has a bit of spare time to do so at the minute with no filming until the summer.....heres what he actually said about it......

If the music takes off, Smith may give up the acting - well at least a certain type of movie. "I feel like I have got five or six more years of action movies and blowing stuff up. I probably want to hurry up and get those while I can still take my shirt off in a movie," he adds smilingly. After that, he says there is a vanity project he is yearning to do. "When we were in Mozambique shooting "Ali", I was really taken by the similarities in the music, which was so drastically different, but there is a real basis that connects to rhythm and movement. So for probably about 20 years I have dreamed about doing an album maybe entitled The World According To Hip Hop that would be an exploration of world music through the eyes of hip hop producers. I just haven't has the chance to have the 7 or 8 months free to be able to travel to different places and record for two weeks and go around the world."

Link: http://www.darkhorizons.com/news04/robot1.php

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