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Big Willie - "Realisation"

Big Willie

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05. ...Big Willie - Realisation

Just a boy alone after his father left years premature//

Then a few weeks later a gangster kills his mum, murder//

He’s made decisions that have cursed his life into damage//

His heads messed up how much longer can he manage//

Given the opportunity to blow out all his pain behind him//

This young thug could be destined for a life of denying//

Approached by Roberto offering a world of relief//

“Just one favour boy, and you can start your belief”//

“I knew your mother she was a joy to be around//

Until the unfortunate event of the trigger clicking sound”//

He’s offering money, $1,000,000 to be exact//

But could he pull himself to commit an adulterated act//

The act in question, “Just execute my biggest enemy”//

Then you can live your fantasy world full of luxury//

The boy aggress and the set up laid down onto rock//

Holding a map, “We meet at this point at 12 o’clock”//

At home the boy is revising Roberto’s execution strategy//

Loading the barrel with bullets, “It’s all up to me”//

The hands rolling round, boy it is about that time//

He sets off on his journey of committing this crime//

They meet at the point, Roberto’s plot has just began//

Rehearsing it with the boy, making sure he’s got the plan//

As they enter the factory they can see Roberto’s counter part//

Little did he know he was about to get a bullet in the heart//

Guns in hand now as Roberto and the boy get into position//

No turning back other wise he receives no commission//

Palms start to sweat as the time moves closer//

The boy now wishing he had left his gun in its holster//

Gun in hand it’s cocked, fuelled with ammunition//

Pulling the trigger at first seems it’s his only decision//

Anxious wanting to see his desperate trigger finger burning//

So much life to lead, so many lessons left, still learning//

The boy turns towards Roberto and sees his domination//

Then in his head the boy gets a hint of realisation//

Roberto shouts “Its time boy pull the damn trigger”//

Then a bullet gets fired as the explosion sound grows bigger//

As the smoke start to clear they see its Roberto laying there//

Roberto’s chest full of caps, his face with a cold stare//

The boy reveals a smile his retributions just begun///

Standing over him he says “It was you who killed my mum”//

Sirens starting to appear as the gun shots shook with precision//

The boy realises his destiny and utters “I ain’t going to prison”//

See what he did was wrong, but could his acts be justified//

Roberto was the enforcer for the many tears he had cried//

Running the streets, getting his life back on the right path//

He’s yelling “Roberto won the battle, but I got my aftermath//

On releasing his emotions, the boy stops off at the graveyard//

Wanting to relay his story to mum of how the trauma has passed//

“Its over mum, I did it without hesitation, I got your killer back//

He’ll be spending the rest of his days in hell turning on the rack”//

With the story now told he goes to make his cemetery departure//

His happiness was evident, the boy was swinging from the arches//

Knocking on the door, his guardians open to greet//

His glory is there from the face but his families seemed obsolete//

“Where you been boy, you’ve been so long now, how come?”//

The boy replies discretely “Yeah, I just went to see my mum”//

His foster father reveals something that he’s concealing//

The boy thinks its something with a connection or meaning//

Dad says “I’ve kept this a secret for many, many years//

I didn’t want to show you until you had destroyed your fears//

See, your mums left you a letter, she wanted me to give it to you”//

The letter signifying all that the boy had been through//

See the boy was the kinder of a biological father named “Senior”//

Realisation hits again as the letter is addressed “To Roberto Jr”//

© Copyright 2006

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