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Will to direct new epiosde of "ALL OF US"

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absolutely love 'Everybody Hates Chris' its so funny! I'd advise everyone to start watching it!

when is this on in england, i've been dieing to see it since i saw some previews on holiday

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still waiting for more news about the "Will Directed" episode but i found this:

UPN’S ‘ALL OF US’ GETS A DOSE OF TISHA CAMPBELL MARTIN Cast members talk to EUR about tonight’s special episode.

*“Just when people thought they had the show figured out, we do something else,” says Duane Martin, star of UPN’s hit sitcom “All of Us,” which is quietly churning along in its third season with a big sweeps-style episode set to air tonight.

The series, executive produce by Hollywood couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and based on their lives, revolves around entertainment reporter Robert James, played by Duane Martin. He is newly-divorced from Neesee, the mother of their 6-year-old son. But this show lacks the stereotypical babymama/babydaddy drama usually exploited for laughs. As is the case with Will Smith and his real life ex, Robert and Neesee are actually supportive of each other in their quest to co-exist peacefully.

But on tonight’s episode, someone is about to shake things up a bit. Martin’s real life wife, Tisha Campbell Martin, will guest star as his sister Carmen, who comes on the scene and – in Tisha’s words – “ wreaks havoc.”

“My character likes to lean on my brother a lot,” Campbell Martin says of Carmen. “And he’s always busy with his counterparts, and this particular show, he’s busy with his ex-wife. They’re splitting a business together 50/50 so I can’t get any money out of his pocket – that kinda thing. I come here and fight with Neesee.”

LisaRaye McCoy, plays Neesee, chimes in, “You know how that typical sister is, you’re not really ever good enough for the brother? And she kinda wants to figure out, ‘Why is she still around here?’ And he’s like, ‘I got this. I’m the man. I know what I’m doing.’”

The show’s entire third season has trained a spotlight on Robert and Neesee's relationship and how they deal with raising Bobby Jr. According to Martin, situations this season “draw them together, while exploring separate personal lives.”

“When Will and Jada started with the show, they always said they didn’t want to make a typical sitcom, they waned to make a dramedy,” Martin says. “The first couple of episodes was really dramatic – less jokes, more about real situations and not a lot of laugh tracks. The network freaked out a little bit. The move we made this year was - a lot of people responded to me and Neecee’s relationship - so they moved her in the house. So now, we brought all of the tension in the house to see how we can deal with that – being apart but in the same space.”

LisaRaye adds: “With me being a single parent in real life, my baby’s father and I have gone through some same issues as this, and I wish I would’ve had a show like this to show me that I didn’t have to slit his tires and bust his window. …That was a joke.”

sourde via google: http://eurweb.com/story/eur24720.cfm

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Yeah I put up the article about that. Basically they are getting rid of UPN and WB cos well ratings are not that good compare 2 FOX and ABC. So they r getting rid of WB and UPN..and putting them together in 1 network which would be called the CW network

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