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What are your favorite Jazz moments?


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Edit: I changed it to Jazz. What are your favorite Jazz Moments?

Some of mine are:

When Jazz is laying in the back of Will's rap mobile. Will shuts off "OPP", and Jazz pops his head out from under the back seat and says "hey, who cut the.....oh Mr. Banks, I didn't see you, as hard as that is to believe." Then Uncle phil says "I have never seen so much trash in one car." Jazz responds "hey, I resent that. Oh, the jokes on you, Mr. Banks, cause you can't throw me outside." The next seen is Jazz being thrown into the kitchen :rofl: :rofl:

When Jazz starts scratching on the record player in the 2nd episode (the first on with him in it). :rofl:

When Jazz moves in with the Banks. "I guess everyone is to full to eat the pop tarts I made for desert." "I clean, cook, work my fingers to the bone, and this the respect I get." "I am a personal good friend of Bill Cosby." "I sleep naked with the window open." :lolsign: :lolsign:

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My favourite was when that joka popped his tail outta the trunk of the car with a bucket of chicken. LOL...

argghhhhhhh. I need colour on this screen. :paperbag: guess i could use java or html... ill figure it out eventually. lol



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"Let's get some barbeque and get busy!" :lolsign:

Works everytime !!

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i like the one when he brings all those ppl to carltons cafe and c tells him to sned the freaks away but he sends the most normal ones

:rofl: That one was great!!

"Its great to know you have friends you can call on in the last minute" :lolsign:

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My favorite is when Nicky is born.. Jazz stops by the house to drop off his gift. Autn Viv see him and

Jazz says "I bought sumthing 4 the baby". The audience goes Aww...Will and Aunt Viv open it up

Aunt Viv-"Aww its a baby pillow"

WIll n Aunt Viv starting it. Aunt Viv just roll her eyes and Will takes the pillow and goes up 2 Jazz

Will-"Jazz u stole this pillow"

Jazz- "No I didn't"

Will- "Com'on man it says Wendy Mcbeth on it"

Jazz-" well its like when u buy a wallet, doesn't always have somebody else's picture in it." :lolsign:

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

i like the one where he teachs Ashely how o play the drums

or the beginnin of the 5th season when he says "Whose that, did they switch the mom again."

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