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10 years of my life; missing: presumed lost


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The worst thing that gets me is that it has been over 10 years since Toy Story! :stars:

LOL,that's just scary. :stars:

I remember when it came out and I got the Buzz Lightyear toy! :lolsign:

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highlight the text click on the A that changes the color

yes...thats what I normally do,...but its not working 4 me for sum reason or another..its cool tho, cuz i just type in the whole html code.... must be me gettin old or sumpthin..but what can u expect from a 19 year old that never ages. LMBO...



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Your text shows up blue for me Cookies!

well yea ~ thas cus I have to physically type in the html code lmbo... it still wont work 4 me...but dang on it...

dam, guess i have to deal with it, cuz i feel like im addicted to the color now...




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I remeber when the ball dropped for 90, now its 99, 10 years behind me.

I guess Fresh Prince can feel ya on time flying :2thumbs:

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