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Will Smith in Japan - yorochikubi!

Jonny 5

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lookin for more vids i found one wit Boom shake the room :lolsign: i dont know if u have seen, if yno enjoy it, if yes, tiem to laugh again.


Look carefully the guy there gots in his cap the ticket wit the price LOL

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My Japanese isn't the best so I couldn't follow everything. The text on the bottom right says Hollywood Star Will Smith. Will said "Hello. I'm Will Smith." The guy with the black hat asks Will how he's doing. Black hat says that Will's stomach is hard. The chef guy who was banging that stick on the bowl tells Will that he understands that Will wants him to stop banging. I've no idea what yorochikubi is.

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Lmao funny, funny video. I can tell that Will's kinda getting scared by these ppl because they are touching him in odd places.. :kekeke:

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