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AJ made a good suggestion to have a post about jazzy jeff fresh prince's contribution to hip-hop. A lot of people are unaware of this stuff so it would be quite useful for people. Add your knowledge below. I'll start things off:

- The first artist to win a rap grammy for Parents Just Don't Understand

- A Touch of Jazz (87) One of the first jazz/hip-hop tracks

- He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper was hip-hops first double rap album.

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I dont reayl agree about that Grammy Stuff. If they wouldnt have won LL would have or one of the others who wher nominated. It`s more History caus of the Grammy himself. Dont know..

- Jazzy`s DJ Skils. The first Transformer Scratch on a Record, right?

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**EDIT** DJ Jazzy Jeff waz the 1st 2 put the transformer scratch and the chip scratch ON WAX

*JJ+FP waz on the 1st episode of Yo! MTV Raps with Run-DMC

*FP was the 1st emcee to crossover and get his own TV show

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Thanks to Luigie and Tim I found out Jeff was the first person to design a turntable mixer for hip hop DJs.


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