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Best "jjfp" song


Which 'jjfp' song is your favorite?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. which one is your favorite?

    • Hes the dj im the rapper
    • The magnificent jazzy jeff
    • jazzys groove
    • i wanna rock
    • pump me up
    • Other

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My rhymes have been written not to be bitten

But as it seems, some suckers keep forgetting the rules about rappin, but that's alright

Cause in the next five minutes I'm a have them all uptight!

He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper :bowdown: is my choise!

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"Look, it's simple, just admit it

Jeff is the deffest, you wanted a battle, forget it

You're a fool, you're slippin, you're looney, you're crazy

No ifs, no ands it be just your butt, baby

The music is dope, don't fight it, just give in

Hey yo Jeff, man, tell em why you did it

(I made the beat hype, but still kinda smooth)

And it's dope, right (For sure)

Jazzy's Groove"

The mixing is great and the track is movin. Not to mention using Rakim and PE will always help sway my vote. :jazzy:

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I thought about this, and I think JJFP are to multitalented to get your mind on one. I love smooth tracks like "Just Kickin It" and "Looking For The One". I like party stuff like "The Reverend", but also storrytelling like "Who Stoyle My Car".. I cant get my mind on one.

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