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AHH: Will Smith had the best comeback

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Allhiphop.com has grown to be one of hiphops big ballers as they've snuffed out both XXL and The Source in being big important hiphop newsdistributors. They've stayed out of the beefs and have given non-biased articles and reviews during alot of years. Alot of rappers are around the forums that have grown to be a huge powerfactor determining the hotness of an artist.

So I got really glad when I read their 2005 year review and gave Will Smith the title of the best comeback. here's the motivation:

"Best Comeback:

Will Smith Lost & Found (Interscope)

It might be default that Jigga didn’t “sell more records than Will Smith” in ’05, but Will Smith deserves this slot. Lost & Found buried the 2002 misfire, Born to Reign. The Mary J. Blige collabo, “Tell Me Why” proved Will’s got more than partying on the mind, while the music proved that you can be pushing 40 and still rock well. Hitch wasn’t thaaat bad either."

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Nice to see them showing love to Will there!!! :yeah:

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