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Will suffers for homophobia....


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http://film.onet.pl/O,3129,998095,plotki.html (23 October 2004)

British actor Ian McKellen criticized Will Smith for not tolerant speak. They met in 1993 on the movie set. But now he decided to take a position of some statement of colleague. In the course of photos Will refused to record scene with kissing a man, cause his fans would recognize it as disgusting. Those words McKellen can't forget.

"Will probably thought that he is expressing his personal feelings, but really, he has confirmed,t hat he is suffering for serious social disease, which is Homophobia" - said McKellen.

McKellen fo a long time does not cover his sexuality.He is dreaming that in Hoolywood people would more respect gay laws, cause he can't stand famous people which are hidding theirs real "face".

"In Hoolywod is mass of actors in different ages, which are lieing about theirs sexuality. This is disgusting and worrying." - artist adds.

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Thats not homphobia at all. Im not homophobic but i still wouldnt snog a girl. Will said he was young then and he worried about Trey gettin bullied at school bcoz his dad kissed a man. Not to mention what would have happened to Wills rap career. Theres a lot of rap artists that are homophobic *cough* eminem *cough* and im sure they would have attacked Will for that.

Is he also trying to say that Will is gay at the end. Dude has issues.

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I heard that he actually is not happy about it because he was young and it wasn't mature to have the director edit the movie because he didn't want to kiss the other guy.

hmm Im wondering if he would kiss this guy, will critics would look more favorably at this movie (I mean he took a good interviews I heard), but Will would make more devotions .

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IM trippin cuz the guy even made a statement inferring that Will is homophobia. LOL. he can't get upset like that just because Will chose not to kiss some dude. come on now. I bet he'd FREAK out if the table was turned, and dude had to kiss a woman. LOL...

I dont have nothing against gay ppl, cuz I have gay friends at work, etc... but I hope thats not a weak attempt for him to try n convert Will. haha...



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I remember watching Will in a interview he gave back in the day. He said that he didn't do this kiss scene cos he freak out he was worried about his rep, what ppl would have said...so they made it look like he kissed the guy but he really didn't. And Will went on 2 say that if he could do it again he would he would have done the kissing scene..He said that he was immature...to make a big deal out of a kiss and also if he wanted 2 do acting and take it seriously like he does now you have 2 do certain things.

I guess Mr. Ian McKellen didn't catch that interview. I'm not homophobic but I understand why Will didn't do it. Will was in his early 20's and he was doing rapping and the show tehn go in2 this film where u play a gay man and have 2 kiss another man is a real big jump from FPoBA..it freak him out...but at least Will admits he was immature and say he wishes he can do it again. Not only that when he was on The Best Damn Sport Show he said he wishes more scripts like that were written.

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What an idiot. If FP waz a homophobe, he wouldn't have done Six Degrees or dressed up like a girl in WWW. This guy just wants attention.

:word: FP wouldnt have played a gay character in the first place. Anyway Im not homophobic but I would have some serious issues against kissing a dude even for a big hollywood movie.

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