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Rapper Obie Trice Shot In The Head On Detroit Freeway

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"They didn’t take the bullet out my head. It didn’t penetrate my skull or nothing, but they didn’t want to go inside my head and mess with the blood vessels."

"This is living in Detroit, and that's all. You hear about it because it's me, I got ties to Eminem or whatever, but I got people thatare out there dealing with it every single day where I'm from. As far as all the rumors and guessing games, people talking road rage and all that nonsense, I'm not getting involved in any of that right now. I don’t know where it came from, you know what I’m saying? I really don’t have a take on that, a lot of people are jealous, and jealous, and envious and hateful."

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I heard about it, but i just never knew he got shot in the head..

........THAT"S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U CALL YOURSELF A GANGSTER....Now wait nad hear his next song,he gonna be the next 50 cent..I got shot in the head but i dont walk with a mask....ha ha ha

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Still...It`s pretty heavy.

By they way am I the only one that thinks he`s realy talented? I loved his verse on the Biggie album.

i kinda discovered him as a rapper on that album (which im listening to right now...better go to the thread for that hahah) and i was like...hey hes not that bad. cause at first i didnt like him just cause i hate new rappers. so that changed my opinion on him. he has a good rap voice..and much to my regret so does lloyd banks.

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